8. Journalism and Diversity

This session discusses the term diversity, which has often replaced multiculturalism in academic debates, a term criticized for being ideological and politicized.

Diversity is also a broader concept, including groups that are not habitually linked to cultural aspects. The session underlines how diversity of a society is linked to democratic rights in general and freedom of expression in particular. A society benefits from many (different) voices being heard. Furthermore, it will discuss nationhood, belonging and identities. Journalism has a responsibility for representing diversity and countering marginalization of minorities. The session starts with an introduction exercise, followed by a lecture on globalization and diversity. The students continue with a group work on diversity, using their own local experiences before a lecture on the topics of journalism, marginalization and discrimination. The session ends with a plenary discussion on the role of journalism.


The students shall
  • Learn to apprehend the many dimensions of diversity and the groups involved: national, religious and ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, disabled groups, etc.
  • Understand how globalization, including wars and climate change, generates more diversified societies via increased flight and migration
  • Learn to look at the world from different angles and understand their own context in a global perspective
  • Learn the basics of the term cultural relativism – what it is and what it is not
  • Be enabled to include different perspectives, voices and views in their professional work as journalists



About 4 hours.

A large room with ample space for group work, large sheets of paper, markers, pen and paper.

Two lectures of about 45 minutes each: 1. Globalization and diversity, 2. Journalism, marginalization, discrimination and diversity.


 Educational elements


Elisabeth Eide, Professor, Faculty of Media and Journalism, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Norway)
Anders Graver Knudsen, Phd, Faculty of Media and Journalism, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Norway)

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